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Our clinic is all about educating the client. Here are the listings of topics on the classes we currently offer. Please contact our clinic for the dates and to register for classes.

Essential Oils

Essential oils in these classes which are held every two weeks, each class is on a different subject. From learning the basics, to how to use them,and apply them in your daily life, with everything in between and why you need to be educated about brand you use. Each class includes hand outs, and the cost will vary depending on if we apply the oils on the attendees of the class.

Healing the Chakras

Healing the Chakras in this class you will learn how to tell when a chakra is out of balance. We will teach you how to cleanse, balance and heal your chakras through the use of music, essential oils, herbs, stones and crystals, and other exercises. ($100 which includes a Chakra Manual)

Beginning Reiki

Beginning reiki is a 2 day course. There are no pre requisites. Each class is combination of lecture, discussion and hands on time. ($350, with a $150 non-refundable deposit includes a manual and handouts)

  • The Reiki Hand positions
  • Giving a complete Reiki treatment for self and others.
  • Japanese Reiki Techniques as taught by Dr. Usui which include: developing your intuition, detecting where Reiki is needed, sending reiki with the eyes, using the breath to send reiki, clearing ones energy field, clearing objects of negative energy
  • Hayashi healing guide
  • Using reiki fro specific conditions
  • Reiki 2 Symbols, how to use them with practice time
  • Using reiki to heal unwanted habits
  • Distant healing

Advanced Reiki

Advanced Reiki is a 1 day course. You must have taken Beginning Reiki, and will need to have taken this class in order to take the Reiki Master Class. ($275, with $100 non-refundable deposit includes a manual and handouts)

  • Usui master attunement
  • Reiki meditation that strengthens the mind, and expands consciousness
  • Techniques for using Reiki to solve problems and achieve goals
  • how to use crystals and stones with reiki
  • how to make a reiki grid
  • Aura Clearing
  • Guided meditation that introduces you to your reiki guides

Reiki Master

Reiki Master is a 2 day course. You must have taken Beginning Reiki and Advanced Reiki.($600, with a $200 non-refundable deposit includes a manual and hand outs)
  • The complete master attunement
  • Instruction on how to give Reiki attunements for each class
  • the Healing attunement
  • different ways of giving attunements
  • Tibetan symbols
  • How to give yourself attunements
  • Reiki meditation that harmonizes the chakras
  • The values of a true Reiki master